I’m Back!

Those of you who subscribe to EWA may wonder at its absence. There’ s a reason: I fell and broke my right leg in two places, experienced the over–crowded health care facilities for 5 days and then (proud owner of two bulky, heavy fiberglass splints) moved into my assisted care unit in a 45 member AC community. Here I`ve been recovering and learning the difference between nursing and AC perspectives. My fractures have healed. Now I must see if I can learn to walk again. This is going to take all of my energy and thought. I cannot promise when or if I will be able to focus on composing EWA ideas, but will if I can.

67 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. As a retired nurse myself, I personally know from my 6 week stay in rehab just how challenging it is to recover. My thoughts and prayers are with you during the difficult days ahead. All my best as you journey towards recovery.


  2. Thank you for your past insights. I admire your perspective and wish you recovery. I will look forward to your writings in the future.


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  4. So good to hear from you and know you’re truly on the mend! Anything you can share on your observations and experiences in this alternative setting — whenever you’re able and motivated to do so— will be educational to the the rest of us. I’ll bet you’ve opened more than a few eyes to what’s possible in the very old population. Keep being Doris!


  5. So sorry about your fall. Do hope you are doing much better now. Hope your experience in an assistance living space has been a pleasant one and you will be home again soon.
    Best wishes always


  6. Dear Doris! So glad to hear from you and know you are healing and have assistance. Some day I hope we can compare notes on learning to walk again. Not a trivial pursuit!


  7. Dear Doris, I can only wish you a swift recovery . In reading your blogs I know it will be a challenge, but knowing your determination it will come. If the writings don’t happen we still have your son to keep us informed! Take care ! Bruce and Kathryn


  8. Doris~ sending you healing thoughts on your rehab journey. You words/way of approaching our changes as we age have been so inspiring & helpful.

    All the best ~


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