A Journey into Patienthood

Quite a few regular followers have commented wondering about the abrupt hiatus.  You were right to be concerned. It was not voluntary.   On Leap Day, I was standing in my bedroom when my very advanced age related changes in my balance decided to” leave the office”.  Without it (though clear headed), I found myself falling backwards to the floor. On the way down, I threw my right arm against the sharp edge of a cabinet.  When I assessed my status, I saw that my dominant right hand was at an unusual angle.  And so began my journey and sojourn into the land of patienthood.

It began with a medic ride to an emergency care center.  There, following x-rays, the orthopedist injected a local anesthetic. I gritted my teeth and observed the x-ray view of my bones as they were pulled, pushed and rotated back into position.  Only one hospital in town had a vacant bed, so there I went for a needed 3 night stay that extended to a whole week as there were no openings in rehab centers. COVID-19 entered the scene!  Finally one was found and for the next 2 weeks, I rehabbed with 2 drill sergeants who tried to teach lazy muscles to shape up, muscles that were determined to do it at their own pace.  Collaboration was necessary!  Between the 3 of us, and some recalcitrant muscles, by the end of 2 weeks, I was able to meet (somewhat) the rehab standards that had been set

At the same time, I was learning that patienthood was made up of multiple villages, small and large.  My two-bed patient room became a remarkably joyous everyday little village made up of we 2 patients and several caretakers, each one helping the other in a variety of ways and all sharing our daily lives.

Now at home I am creating a new village made up of my two “Visiting Angels” and me. Together we are going to create our own sheltered village with nearby relatives, neighbors and friends coming no further than the back door. 

We hope to be able to be sending regular blog postings starting next week.   

To those who have sent encouraging comments, ”Thank you!” I found them to be highly encouraging and supportive.

Stay safe!