Details, Details, Details as Crucial Elements of Advanced Aging

Detail: part, facet, feature

Awareness: mindfulness, consciousness

Alertness: watchfulness, preparedness

Adaptability: flexibility, versatility, spirit, resilience

During the first and last decades of our lifespan when our capacities and capabilities are changing more rapidly, paying attention to details of our capacities and environment is crucial to our wellbeing. In our childhood, others had the responsibility, but in post-adulthood we ourselves are expected to manage. And, one way or another we seem to.

What I’ve discovered is that it’s an every-day game of “A’s”. I find myself needing to be Aware of risks/opportunities/options, Alert to specific realities in my capacities and environment, Adaptable in finding and engaging in options.

Of course what I’m prepared to pay attention to depends on my knowledge about specifics of my aging. It determines not only what I am able to “see” but also how I will respond.

At 100 I find myself regularly haunting reliable web sites on my computer for specific knowledge as each age-related change (ARC) pops up. Since the manifestations of my ARCs are always with me, I can compare what I’m reading to what I’m experiencing.  I know my resources and my environment and I can consider how what others are doing may or may not be useful to me. It’s comforting not to feel alone in what’s happening.  So, my game of A’s as I deal with details in my aging world tends to be anything but dull.

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