“Foot-awareness” in Advanced Aging

We’ve probably all heard of and perhaps even studied the process of self-awareness (conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires).

No one had ever mentioned to me anything about routine “foot awareness” in everyday living. . I learned it the hard way (one trippy experience at a time). When I was well into my dotage and began to experience “almost falls” as the toe of my shoe would catch on a floor surface or an object on the floor or unnoticed incline would throw me off balance. My insight was neither a foresight or a sudden “A-Hah, but a gradual common-sense coming to grips with reality. It was also a growing awareness as normal age related changes (ARCs) to my balance created more scary experiences.

Most foot-awareness crises occurred in the kitchen with its constant twists and turns. The Nose and Toes ! mantra (see Nov.11,2017 blog), helped to deal with that area of my daily living. Almost a year later  further ARCs in my balance capacity required me to develop and add the  Center! Center! mantra (September 15,2018)  whenever I moved from sitting to standing, reached, stooped or engaged in any off-centering activity.

I’ve also become “shoe aware” and now spend my days in thin soled, flat heeled, slip-on, close-fitting shoes or slippers with rubber treads that all give me a sharp sense of floor surfaces and don’t allow my feet to slip about within them.

Foot awareness is now my way of life.

5 thoughts on ““Foot-awareness” in Advanced Aging

  1. My neighbor and I were just talking about this. She was tripping and decided to work on her foot awareness. She carved out a path along the fence (with a tractor–we live in the country) so she’d have a soft place to fall. Then she practiced lifting up her feet to walk on the unsteady but soft path. It helped. Now she walks on the road because she’s more confident in her foot awareness and isn’t as afraid of falling.

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  2. Stellar wisdom as any type of fall can cause such injury to the body as I have recently experienced. Fortunately, no broken bones but it was scary and the bruising was unbelievable. Stay well dear one.


  3. I think the choice of shoes is very important. I have very narrow feet in the instep area and especially in the heel. Because I have a tendency toward arthritis in one knee in particular, I also need a lot of cushioning and support.

    I have found that wearing Ryka walking shoes all day works best for me. They provide a lot of stability, and I can keep them tied as tight as I need them to be. Sleeping in non-slip bed socks works so that I can walk safely for trips to the bathroom at night.

    When I get to the point when tying shoes is too difficult, I hope I can find some supportive shoes with Velcro straps that can hug my feet sufficiently!!


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